Friday, March 13, 2009

Romans 2:1-16 God's Impartiality

We naturally like to think we're all above all this; That God would be right to punish all such activity. We look down on others knowing deep down that we fall into the same patterns and progressions of sin they do and yet somehow think God, the only perfect judge will make an exception for us. Then when he does pour out His kindness and forbearance and patience on us as a last-ditch effort to turn us around we take Him lightly. Eventually, your stubborn reprobate heart will break the dam and on that day all of God's wrath and righteous judgment will roll down on you. Everything will be leveled and you will pay. If anyone has actually been seeking honorable things and looking to eternity they will receive eternal life but all self-centered unrighteous people who disregard the truth will receive God's wrath and indignation. Anxiety and trouble will fall upon those who do evil but glory, honor and inner-peace on those who do good regardless of nationality or religious system starting with the Jews who were first to receive God's revelation. For God is completely impartial. Again, the awareness of sin is self-evident whether one is outside religious law or in a religious system and all will be punished accordingly. Hearing the law doesn't justify one's right to exist before God but doing it. The gentiles, for example, know right and wrong without the law. God's law is written in their hearts-the mechanism works from within. God will eventually judge all men's hearts.

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