Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Romans 3:21-31
This contrast works throughout God's ancient covenant in showing how righteous He is. And He has chosen Jesus to demonstrate this in a new covenant if you will believe it. We see His glory and we know we don't measure up. We are all sinners. Our worth can only be justified as we believe Jesus Christ decided to graciously redeem us. God publicly displayed Jesus' righteousness and then publicly had him slaughtered as a propitiatory sacrifice to justify all the years he had passed over sins. This act establishes His goodness and His right to justify us right now and anyone in the future who puts their faith in Jesus. So you can forget boasting because there's nothing you can say, nothing you can do. It's only Who and what you believe that matters. Clearly a person is just before God by this fact and no law. He is consistent in this whether you are Jewish or any other nationality. He will justify the worth of all people regardless of their religious system or lack of one. So if you believe we can throw out the law, no, faith finally gives law meaning.

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