Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This is a fine mess you've gotten us into, Olie

Romans 3.1-20
So what good is the "circum-system"? Very good. It is the source of God's message of grace. So what if some didn't follow it? Does that reflect on God? Be careful in your response. God is always true. He always prevails. This contrast doesn't reflect on God it establishes His right to judge us. So some say, "My sin is good because it glorifies God in some way". Those are condemnable words. These anti-law people are no better off than those with an external law or internal law. Scripture says; there are none righteous, none who understand, who seek God, who have merit, who do good, not even one. everything that comes out of their mouths is poison, cursing, bitterness. Everywhere they go they bring evil with them and they see God as powerless to stop them. When we look at the law honestly it puts a stop to all this and we realize we are accountable to God and cannot keep His law. We become acutely aware of our unjustifiable sinfulness.

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