Thursday, March 26, 2009

Abraham as Example

Romans 4:1-15
Let's talk about Abraham, an actual person from our past. If you could establish he was justified by something he did then he could boast-but no, God stood right there in front of him and God declared him righteous because he believed. Now if one works he can claim he deserves his wages but if you don't work but believe God justifies the ungodly that belief will count as righteousness. David says a man is blessed when God counts him righteous in spite of the fact he did nothing; "Blessed are those whose sins have been covered, whose sins the Lord does not count". Now is this blessing on the circumcised or the uncircumcised? Remember, Abraham's faith was counted as righteousness. When did that reckoning take place? That's right, before he was circumcised. So that act was a sign, a seal that marked the fact that he had already believed. He received righteousness before he was circumcised to verify that he was the father of all who believe God's promise applies to them whether circumcised or not. Like him, when they believe they will be counted as righteous. This great promise given to Abraham and his heirs to inherit the world came, not through any legal barter but through a good-faith agreement and our spiritual relationship to the one who received it. You can't have it both ways. If something you do makes you righteous then this simple promise to Abraham means nothing. But you were born; you had no choice in the matter. Anything you could do wouldn't qualify you anyway. You would just stumble right away and bring God's wrath down upon you, but if it is nothing you do but an unconditional promise then there are no terms to violate to affect your inheritance.

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