Sunday, March 15, 2009

Good Morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are staying in a hotel in The Galleria in Houston. Not much is happening. It has pretty much constantly rained the whole time. We went to the big center with Neiman Marcus and all that yesterday and it was weird. It felt more foreign to me than anywhere we've visited in London or Rome. Anyway, we got up this morning-another dreary day-I opened the blinds and sat there. Pretty soon I heard what I thought was a dumpster with rough metal wheels being rolled down our hall. Hey wait a minute we're on the sixth floor. I looked out the window-nothing. Suddenly the noise changes to what Joel described as "Tribal Drumming" with a rhythm. I looked over at a seven story building in the adjacent parking lot and the corner of it was just starting to move. I yelled, "Look, Look, Look." Dale popped up all bleary eyed without her glasses and says, What, Where?" In a couple seconds it had all dropped to the ground and of course a huge cloud of dust had started to rise. That gave us something to talk about for a while. Here is a link to the demolition company's video and Here is one to some info I wish we'd had before.

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Grace said...

I watched the video. That was so cool!