Saturday, March 28, 2009

What I am thankful for

We are having our first (and only and last I hope) winter blizzard this morning. I got up and my neighbor was stuck in the ditch. I dragged myself outside hoping my

big diesel tractor wouldn't start because I didn't feel like being out in it. It did but about the time I got it warmed up it ran out of fuel. But by that time I noticed it wasn't so bad out there after all. I remembered St. Paul's admonition to give thanks in all things and in one of those rare moments God adjusted my perspective to the reality of my situation. I think I'd better strike while the iron is hot. I am overwhelmed by God's grace to me. He has:

-Given me a rugged spiritual and physical upbringing that helps me handle hardships and challenges me to want to know the truth about Him and the meaning of life

-Given me a great wife, Alice to keep my weirdness in perspective and love me unconditionally

-Worked sovereignly in our family to give our children the the background that causes them to want to know and serve Him.

All in all it was a wonderful day. I couldn't really go anywhere so I just stayed home and was thankful. Oh yes I did get to pull someone out later

1 comment:

Dale said...

It's a SPRING blizzard, not a winter blizzard!

(I feel it was my duty to throw that out there.)

(Hehe. I said "duty".)