Friday, February 27, 2009

Romans 1:8-15 A Common Destiny

First, I am grateful to God that through Jesus Christ everyone in the world is talking about your faith. God has made the gospel of His Son an obsession with me from the depths of my heart as well. He knows how I can’t stop thinking and praying and asking that now, at last, He might let me come to you. I want to do this because I think I might be able to impart some of His special foundational tools, but I also know you would be an encouragement to me, so there would be
much mutual benefit. I don’t want you folks to think that I haven’t planned a visit. I want glean some of this fruit God is producing in you in His great harvest of the nations. I owe this to Greeks, Barbarians, wise and foolish and I, myself am eager to fulfill this obligation to you in Rome.


Dale said...

That picture is almost revealing!

Steve said...

As Joel would say, "Wa waaa wa waaa