Sunday, February 22, 2009

First Romans Post

Greetings from me, Paul, My whole life is duty-bound to Jesus, God’s chosen one. He has ordained me to get up and go, to live my life for His shocking message, which shouldn’t be so shocking as He always promised through the prophets and Holy writings His Son would be born in the line of King David. Now, though, He has added power to this truth by raising Him from the dead. This powerful act of His Holy Spirit leaves no doubt: God has chosen Jesus to redeem and rule mankind. Jesus has abundantly equipped us with everything we need to deploy and bring this gift of faith resulting in allegiance to His lordship throughout all the nations bringing them under His authority and protection. Jesus has called you to this realignment as well.

I am writing this to all of God’s beloved elite people in Rome. God has declared peace on you and showered you with all the spoils of the victory of our Lord, Jesus His Anointed One.

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Alice said...

I Alice a fellow servant of Christ do encourage you in this endeavor.
I like the realignment idea.
Grace and peace and a holy kiss