Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our Day in Court

Romans 8:28-34
In fact, our Father is actively orchestrating all the events of our lives for the best possible benefit for us and Him. He knew us before He began this creation and planned to make us just like our big brother who is His son. Yes, He sealed our fate by calling us to stand justified and shameless before Him in all of Christ's glory, sharing in His awesome perfection.

Ok then, what kind of attitude does knowing God is on our side produce in us? It is obvious that if He was willing to sacrifice His own Son that He will give us whatever we need. The God Who justified us at great expense is certainly not going to charge His chosen children with any sin or crime. Even if we were charged, our big brother, Jesus who became the rightful judge of the universe through His death and resurrection would not condemn us. No, He sits at God's right hand pleading our case.

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