Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"God helps him who helped himself"

Yesterday I went to the hardware store. When I came out my Smartphone wasn't there. I checked to make sure I hadn't taken it out of it's dock-sure enough it was gone but the fella that "helped himself" to my phone left me a little present: a new tube of caulk. I carried it back into the store and asked, "Anybody just sell this to someone?" "I did, Why?"says Jeff. Now Jeff is arguably the toughest guy in there. I told him why and he said, "give it here and if he comes back I'll get it outta him." I kind of felt bad because he said it was a fourteen year old kid but, hey, I need my phone and it had all you guy's information in it. I left, but I guess it wasn't long before someone needed another tube of caulk.

Jeff "Buddy you'd better cough up a phone or you're goin' to jail."
The kid: "What Phone?"
Jeff: "The one you stole out of a car."
Kid: "Must have been my twin brother."
Jeff: "Well, your twin brother better get back here or you're in trouble."

A few minutes later it was in Jeff's hands. I probably didn't suffer enough consequences to learn much from the experience but I'll bet the kid did. I hope God uses the experience in the kid's life.

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