Saturday, July 25, 2009

P-ADD (percieved)

This morning I was running out in the middle of nowhere when suddenly there appeared an over-the-hill motorcycle gang. This always irritates me because they seldom have mufflers and it is deafening. Not only that, but they often have 3 headlights and they seem to be on bright, sometimes blinding me in broad daylight. I met a guy on a Goldwing the other day and his were flashing. I started to pull over thinking it was a cop. I got to thinking; What's wrong with people nowadays? It's like everybody is screaming, "look at me, I'm not getting enough attention." I can further support my case:



Now, I have a big mouth and sometimes like to think I say cute things so I guess I must feel like I need attention too. I remember from children that often the ones that need attention the most are the ones who deserve it the least. It just reminds me to love everyone whether I think they deserve it or not. It'll take a lifetime for me to apply what the Bible says in Romans: God demonstrates His love for me in that while I was still a sinner Christ died for me. And in another place: Christ came to save sinners and I'm the worst.

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Eden said...

I thought the first picture was of paul