Friday, July 17, 2009

One Image is Worth a Thousand Pictures

Have you ever seen something happening and instantly figured out the whole senario including what led up to it? Well on July 4 this happened to me. I heard a siren and thought, "mm, fireworks". I drove several blocks to see a fire truck sitting in the driveway of a Walmart with the door open and no-one in there. The bubble-gum machine was still on. I thought, "what on earth are they doing?" As I drove on I saw the fireman with his walkie-talkie stuck in his back pocket pushing just as fast as he could, a big guy in a hoveround with a "Big Gulp" in the cup holder down to some nearby apartments. The way I figure it Buba decides to run down to the "Walmarts" for a drink. His battery runs down so he simply calls his handy 911 for a push home on his cell phone...Your tax $$$ at work, and no, Tim I'm not cussing.

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Eden said...

He's drinking America's $$ off. Happy 4th of July and Birthday.