Friday, April 17, 2009

What a Jerk!

Romans 7:1-6

Now let's look at this from a legal point of view. The law only has jurisdiction over the living. For instance, a married woman is legally bound by law to her husband but if he dies she no longer has any obligation to him. If, while he was living she joined herself to another man she would legally be an adulteress but when her husband dies she is free from the law and can live with whoever she chooses. In a similar way, friends, you, through the body of Christ died to the law so that you might rise from the dead and be joined to Him so we might bear fruit for God. This death and resurrection were necessary because of the effect this old "husband" had on our hearts. He brought out the worst in us and since we were living in a realm of death only death could result but we are dead to the law and it's demands. We live a fresh spiritual life now and not in an oppressive legal system.

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