Friday, September 5, 2008

The "Lord's Prayer" and the flesh I

To me, one of the great things about this prayer is it gets the focus off of me:
Our Father who art in heaven--The first thing it does is establish God as father. He is creator and owner of everything and so I can be free of expectations and rights. Our culture has diminished fatherhood so much that it almost means nothing. A Roman father could throw his child in the river with impunity. (read pater potestas) Our God is good so we know we can trust Him completely. He created and He owns us. I have learned that when I live for Him Things work out best for both of us.

Secondly it establishes His transcendence. We are taught that He sees the whole timeline of creation. He is not limited or affected by all these things around us. They are his creation and the Bible teaches someday they will all roll up like a scroll and be ended. No, I don't believe in open theism

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Joel said...

Ha Ha. I get it now.